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How to Contact KATU

You may contact KATU in several ways. You will find the mailing address below. It should be noted that all correspondence that goes thru this web site is handled by the webmaster and several KATU officers before reaching Grand Master Hwang. There fore if you have questions or concerns that you would like to direct to Grand Master Hwang's attention, it is recommended that you use the mailing address or the fax number. These two methods are the direct line to him. For applications to join KATU you can go to the application page....choose either the Acrobat version or HTML version...there you can fill out the form...then print it out using your browsers print button....attach your payment ($24.00 for Individual Membership, $30.00 for School Membership) and mail it back to the KATU address. If you prefer to submit the form over the web...please be advised that you membership will not be processed until payment is received. We hope to have e-commerce set up sometime in the future.

Thank you,
KATU webmaster

The KoreAmerica Taekwon-Do Union
441 South Main Street   Unit 97
Manchester, CT USA 06040
phone (860) 649-9696
fax (860) 649-1231