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KATU can offer you:
  • ITF Affiliation
  • ITF Degree Certification
  • Gen. Choi, Hong Hi & Grand Master K. S. Hwang Seminars
  • TKD Videos by Founder & Korean Masters
  • Complete Management Package for your school
  • Regional and International competition opportunity
  • Taekwon-Do Summer Camp
  • official ITF merchandise
  • and much more....

send in your KATU application today !!!

Hwang, Kwang Sung
KATU President
9th degree ITF Grand Master 
Special Assistant to Gen Choi
Chairman TKD merger Committee
Chairman ITF Promotional Committee

learn more about Grand Master Hwang on the TKD History page

We Invite You

April 2000 Tournament
(details to follow)

Grand Master Hwang's
Summer Camp
(details to follow)

(dates and times subject to change. Please confirm with KATU prior to any arrangements for travel, etc.)

                   Join KATU and be with the original Taekwon-Do

write for more information:
441 South Main Street  Unit 97
Manchester, CT 06040 U.S.A.
call for more information:

Tel: 860-649-9696


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