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It has been said before and you will see it all over the internet, the most comprehensive list of ITF web sites is on Mr. Scott Downey's site. His site is very impressive with lots of great ITF news and information.

The links on this page are of KATU affiliates and those organizations who have requested we add a link on our site as an exchange for them listing KATU on theirs.

This page will be under construction for quite a while as we continue to compile our list of schools and members for publishing on this site. 

Hwang's School of Taekwon-Do
965 Sullivan Ave
South, Windsor, CT 06074
phone 860-648-0256
Upper Cape Cod TKD
RMA Fitness
130 MacArthur Blvd.
Bourne, MA
Hwang's Taekwon-Do
265 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804
(203) 775-7150
Hwang's Taekwon-Do Newington
Twin City Shopping Plaza
749 New Britain Avenue
Newington, CT 06111
phone 860-666-6300