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KATU Newsletter
Publisher: Tony Valle-Miletti Volume 1 Issue No. 1 Date January 2000

KATU Membership

KATU is entering a new stage in their membership process. Now when you become a member of KATU, you are an active member. An active member of KATU will be entitled to participation in all KATU-Sponsored events. Tournaments, Summer Camps, Seminars, Discounts on all merchandise, such as video tapes, ITF Uniforms, and promotional testing. You will be also eligible for ITF Certificates, KATU Certificates, and one week FREE training at Member's School if you are traveling.

An active KATU Members' fee is $24.00 a year. If you participate in Black Belt Class, then, there is an additional $26.00 for a total of $50.00 / year.

To become a member of KATU, you must filled out an application, and mail to: 
KATU, 341 Broad Street, Manchester, CT 06040. Attention: Grand Master Hwang.

Your School can also become a Member of KATU by applying for Membership at the low cost of $30.00 a year. The School will receive a membership Certificate, and is renewable on a yearly basis.

As a Member of KATU, you will receive a KATU Membership CARD with your name, Belt Rank, Member Number, and Expiration Date. 

For you to be able to participate on a KATU Sponsored event, your Membership must be up to date.


Training for the USA JR. TAEKWON-DO Team will start for all those 13 to 18 years old; males and females, in March 2000.

There will be an Orientation for all students and Parents on April 1, at 5:00 PM. (Please refer to KATU Flier) For more information...go to the Jr Team Page


This year, KATU Grand Master Hwang 's Summer Camp will be held at Coldbrooke Campground, which is located in Barre, Massachusetts. The week of July 10th , 2000. This camp will be different than past ones. This camp will offer all meals, Cafeteria style and served indoors, prepared and served by the Camp Staff.

While at camp, we will be conducting a Certified Instructors Course from 7/14/00 to 7/16/00 (Friday to Sunday).

We have been assured by the Camp Director that our presence in Camp will be very welcome.

More information on this exciting event, will be coming to your school shortly. We want you to encourage your students to attend this great event.


We have a new KATU-ITF Web page !!!
(you no doubt already know this)

( It is open for you to browse if you have access to a computer, and it is open for you to make entries in the calendar. As well as to keep you informed on all KATU-ITF events. 

As we move forward with new millennium, and become more sophisticated, there will be many other changes to KATU-ITF coming your way. 

Try it !!!

You are invited to publish your future school events, promotions tests, etc., in this news letter. by contacting Tony Valle-Miletti at (Home Phone) 413-732-5367. Preferably by fax at 1-413-746-3808 or you can also use e-mail.